• 08-14-2015
    Supernova taillight repair
    one of the three LEDs on my Supernova taillight burned out looks like this: LINK Any ideas on what to replace it with? It's 4 years old, don't really want to send it back to Germany anyway
  • 08-14-2015
    Just a 5mm LED of whatever color you need. Those are pretty basic leds, used in EVERYTHING, so find a 5mm in the color you need, unsolder the burned out one and replace it. Just make sure you have it in the right way for polarity before you solder it in.
  • 08-15-2015
    They are in series I think? I don't see how one can burn out on its own. I see they use leds with red encapsulation now so a factory fix might mean a better light. I'd be using the 5 year warranty.

    But if you are DIYing it, ideally you want to match the colour and the beam angle, but in practice just find the highest current and tightest beam angle red you can. If you get one with a low current capacity it will be nice and bright when you hook it up but dim quickly with use.
  • 08-16-2015
    didn't realize they had a 5 year warranty. I have seen an LED not put out light but still conduct, I had a headlight do that. Not sure how it works

    eta: thanks for pointing out the warranty. It's getting replaced under warranty.