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    New question here. Sportstrack vs. Google Earth vs. NatGeo Topo


    I am borrowing a friend’s Garmin GPSmap 76CSx while he is out of town and have already done a few rides with it. I shelled out the $20 for the Google Earth Plus upgrade and have the tracks loaded. I have to admit that the overlay routes are pretty cool. But, when I try to run the Fly Tour I get a dizzyingly rapid zoom in & out from each point. Is there a solution that I am missing in the Tour Settings Options?

    I also have National Geographic’s Topo CD-ROM and have downloaded Sportstracks but neither program will recognize the GPS data…

    I am also curious how some folks generate color coded elevation profiles as well as overlay maps and ride statistics on the same screen shot. I think that is what I am really after for ride comparison. I have lurked through quite a few troubleshooting threads and faq sites for noobs, but they are either too rudimentary or way over my head. If you do not have the patience to answer but know of a site that might point me in the right direction, any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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    Quote Originally Posted by spudpatchboy

    I also have National Geographic’s Topo CD-ROM and have downloaded Sportstracks but neither program will recognize the GPS data…
    I can't answer any of your other questions, and can only guess at this, but in order to load GPS data from a hand held unit into software you will doubtless have to connect the GPS to your computer, run the software, and select, "Import" or "Exchange" or something along those lines- assuming either of those programs have this feature. (I very much doubt you'll be able to use any kind of saved files from Google Earth.) If it's not recognizing the GPS unit itself, you may not have it connected correctly, or your software may be looking for it at the wrong port.
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    For NG Topo!, you need to make sure you have the latest version. Recognition of USB GPS devices is fairly recent, so make sure you have the latest version of NG Topo.

    I have no experience with sporttracks, so I can't comment on it. I know lots of folks use topofusion, which shows a color gradient track.

    For the Google Earth Fly Tour, you might want to check your zoom level on your tracks. If you're zoomed in too close, I suspect it would zoom in and out too much. Even still, the view seems to follow the elevation a little too closely and it's not a perfect feature.

    I guess what you should probably do is look into all the different programs available to you. Many are free, and most do one thing well, and kinda stink at others. I have 10 different programs on my computer for using or manipulating data that I get from my GPS, and there are many more I haven't touched. For mt biking, I have recently tried Motionbased (I am using the free sub right now), and I'm liking it so far. I'll probably keep with it. I use NG Topo! mostly for hiking, GSAK for geocaching, and ArcView or QGIS for research. I also have a number of little converter programs and whatnot as well. Google Earth integrates with a number of these programs to allow different views.

    Play around with several and find what you like best. I'm sure others will chime in with the programs they use.

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