This should answer some beginner questions-
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    This should answer some beginner questions

    Several have asked for a beginners thread and I for one could use something like that myself at this point... so I thought I would start something like that - you know, for beginners.


    I stumbled across this back when I started RC as a hobby. It really helps as a visual learner. It even shows how to wire in a balancer.

    R/C Calculations

    And borrowed from RCGroups:

    The naming convention that allows you to decipher how many cells are in parallel and how many are in series is the XSXP method. The number in front of the S represents the number of series cells in the pack so 3S means it's a 3 cell pack. The number in front of P means the number of cells in parallel. So a 3S4P pack of 2100mAh cells has a total of 12 cells inside. It will have the voltage of any other 3S pack since the number of cells in series determines the voltage. It will have the current handling of 4 times the maximum C rating of the 12 individual cells. So say our 3S4P pack had a maximum discharge of 6C. That means that it has a nominal voltage of 10.8 volts (3x3.6) and a maximum discharge rate of 50.4 amps (2100mAh x 6Cx4P ).

    (Feel free to add or correct with your own experience so us n00bs have a decent starting place right here in our own backyard. Stuff like, how to pick the right driver, etc...)
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    One more calculator that might be helpful:

    LED Runtime Calculator

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