• 11-07-2015
    self contained bicycle 'running light' project
    Hi Folks,

    I'm day dreaming about a self-contained light project aimed at exploring how easy it might be to build bomb-proof, removable, rechargeable and super-bright 'running' or 'be seen' bike lights. I have in mind a small Hammond (or similar) case, the standard CatEye 'flex' bracket and a large and very effective light diffuser I've found at GearBest (or maybe just half deodorant balls!)

    I'm tossing around LED alternatives. For power-LEDs I'd probably go for something like the 1.4A Mobydrv (or generic equivalent) and a white and red triple board, powered either by 1xLi or 4xNiMh (I like the idea of just using Eneloops).

    However I've been reading about the Orfos bike lights and noted that both front and rear use 9 x 1/2 watt LEDs. I don't think I've ever even seen these. I've looked up a few references. Some indicate that 0.5W LEDs are built in the same form as the traditional 'lensed' 5mm LEDs while others depict them as having flatter form-factors without encapsulation or lenses.

    I'm thinking that their possible advantages over powerLEDs might be:
    - less worries about heatsinking
    - possibly using multiples (in parallel) to get a larger spread or 'apparent source size' with less need for a diffuser.

    I'm wondering if others have messed about with multiple half-watt LEDs as alternatives to single (or small groups of) powerLEDs? Any advantages? What configurations have proved useful? If the 9 LEDs in the Orfos lights are in parallel, I presume they'd soak up 4.5A which seems like a lot of heat to get rid of in a fully encapsulated design...

    Any ideas? Anyone know of a cheap source where I could get some to experiment with?


    Savvas. (ps: edited sonce OP for clarity)