Just for some of you guys on a serious budget looking to some night lights.... I purchased some bicycle lights off ebay which are shipped from China. They take about 2 weeks to get to San Diego but they work and they work quite well. I was comparing them to entry level lights from performance bike and they are literally identical... Except that I paid $2.48 for front and rear lights(shipping included in that 2$)compared to the 30$ Performance bike was asking just for the headlight. Granted they're not as bright or attractive as the LED's on a new Audi, but they get you seen for real cheap. I also ordered a head mounted light from the same company for the same price and it works equally as well with a strobe feature. The front head light has a setting where its constantly on and a flashing mode as well. The tail light has about 6 different strobe settings too. Just an idea for people on budget who don't wanna invest a lot on lights, come back and have them missing off your bike while it was parked out side the library. Only downside is the amount of time it takes for them to get here in-case they are stolen. The mounts are also not built for super skinny or thick bike frames, but if you're creative you'll have them on your bike within 5 minutes or so. Here's a link for anyone interested