Reflector recommendations for XM-L2 based DYI light-
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    Reflector recommendations for XM-L2 based DYI light

    I'm building a DIY light using XM-L2s for road/commute and some mtb use. Has anyone been through the process of looking for good reflectors for XM-L2 LEDs and found something they can recommend? I'm kind of lost in the plethora of options on ebay, banggood and On cutter most reflectors seem to be for LEDs other than XM-L2. You can assume I have no specific pattern requirements, i.e. I don't really know what I want, happy to be told what's good. I have Niterider Lumina lights and if I could find reflectors like the ones used these Luminas I'd be more than happy.

    Also, are there any benefits/drawbacks and differences between normal reflectors and TIRs?

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    TIR is my preference because you don't get the sharp cutoff at the edge.

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    What size reflector do you want to build around? The XM-L family are pretty large LEDs and tend to make a wide beam in small reflectors or optics. For a small (20mm) reflector the Ledil Regina has been my favorite. It needs some modification to fit the XM-L.

    LEDDNA 20mm spot optics are decent with the XM-L, but a little too floody for me.

    The XM-L works nicely with the 35mm Fraen narrow reflector for Cree MCE model LEDs. I've built a couple lights with that combination. Nice hotspot and good fill. I like a pretty narrow beam so it suits my preference well. Fraen make a mid and wide version of that reflector if one wants a floodlight.

    Fraen make a reflector for the XM-L but I have not tried one.....

    It's a smaller size and looks pretty nice.
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