Reccomended charger for 18650s-
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    Reccomended charger for 18650s

    New member here. Been lurking around here (mtb boards and lighting) and couldn't help but pop for a $12 ebay light after hearing all the various comments and reviews (mostly negative). Amazingly enough it's still up and running after a couple of weeks of use and it's working well enough that Im not under pressure to immediately upgrade. best of all it's helped me answer one question: Can I tolerate a remote battery pack. (yes, no problems here)

    It came with a pretty simple wall wart charger. I was thinking that a modest upgrade might be in order. Looking for some comments on this matter or a recommendation on a decent charger for my situation.

    I think it's got 4 18650s

    (and in case anyone wonders it gets charged inside a cast iron dutch oven, and while I'm around only. (No way I want to miss out on an explosion))
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