• 09-21-2016
    Possible bike-light use for Prius V LED Headlights?
    Minivan backed into my wife's car, a 2012 prius v 5. Scratched bumper and broke some plastic tabs on both headlight enclosures, so they "had to be replaced." I asked to keep the old units because they seemed so awesome and cool to be considered trash.

    These are Prius V-5 LED headlights so LED, reflectors, lenses, etc. About 2 feet long. I haven't taken them apart or anything but trying to figure what to do with them.

    Occurred to me that I could build them into a bike light?

    The plug for the enclosure is some cryptic thing, looks like a custom computer plug. Found no knowledge on the internet.

    Anyone have a clue what sort of voltage they want? I assume 12v?
    What sort of controller would I use for it?
    Is led brightness controlled by voltage?
    How do I start to play?

  • 09-21-2016
    leds need to be never over-volted or they smoke

    yes that led assembly inputs 12v somewhere, and then has a driver
    circuit to modify the voltage so the lights don't blow
  • 10-21-2016
    Shoot me a PM. I work for the company that makes that LED. I can get you all the details you need.