• 06-08-2020
    Polarity of the power plug for a Monteer 6500? How can I figure it out?
    I bought the headlamp only because I will use my own battery.

    The Magic Shine Monteer 6500 has a 4 prong plug.

    In the picture you can see two large prongs and two smaller prongs. I checked the resistance and none of the prongs are connected together.

    Does anyone know how I can figure this out or what the polarity is?

    Will I damage my Monteer if I accidentally reverse the polarity?

    I'm thinking since the light is rated for 6500 Lumens, it may have two DC/DC converters inside and maybe the 4 pins separates the two separate DC/DC converters? The battery pack from magic shine is a 7.2 volt pack, which I don't have.



  • 06-09-2020
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    Per this picture, it says the plug is bi-directional. Sounds like they just tie the 2 positives and 2 negatives together on the battery cable maybe?

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    My bad - says "uni-directional". I see that it is keyed.

  • 06-09-2020
    Do you think the big prongs would probably be negative and the smaller ones positive?

    It seems in plugs they usually make the positive harder to short, not that it really matters.
  • 06-09-2020
    It gets worse, I wrote magicshine asking the polarity of the pins, and this is what they write back. It makes absolutely no sense. I may just have to purchase a battery pack to figure it out.

    The 2 thick pins are responsible for suppling power, the thinner pins are there to transmit remaining battery capacity. We have inherited this 4 pin design from the previous 4 pin model lights. Improvements are being looked into.
  • 06-09-2020
    OK, so I finally decided to cut open my light wire, actually an extension wire so the light is still intact.

    There are a red and black wire, so obviously this must be red for positive and black for negative. Those are the wires on the big pins.

    Now what has me totally confused is two smaller wires that go to the small pins. They are green and yellow wires that are wrapped in a steel mesh.

    Would anyone know why this light would need those two smaller wires? Anyone want to guess what they could be for?

    Magic shine said "the smaller pins are to transmit remaining battery capacity", could this mean that the battery transmits a signal to the light that tells the light its battery capacity? Which would seem odd considering this is based on the voltage and isn't really needed. I'm really confused.

  • 06-11-2020
    OK, got it all figured out. The two big pins power the light, these are separated by red and black wires if you strip the wire. If you do strip the wire buy a cheap extension cable and strip that.

    The smaller wires are for the battery level indicator. I guess they designed it this way so it better detects the voltage at the battery then the main wires which may have voltage sag.