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    Pocket MC-E

    Where’s the switch?

    People didn’t understand the Ostar lights so here is something more popular and much less radical. They use Cree MC-E emitters and use hard anodized, high grade aluminum for the housing, and a titanium bezel. For better electrical connection, gold, silver, and nickel are used in their converters and switches. As you can see, the smaller switch really makes the lights small and the emitters makes them bright.

    Here is the light next to my standard, a 2-cell Maglite. I was around when people said an LED emitter would never match an incandescent. True- they would exceed the bulb in longevity and brightness.

    Being current gobblers like the P7 means the MC-E will require premium cells for the best output. Of course the Ostar is still king in output and proper electrical behavior.

    I still need to have a power tap made to run mine off 3V so for now it will remain a small pocket light running a CR123A battery. The multifunction converters will come later. Even with the small beginning, it is a great start.

    And here is a comparison of the MC-E, P7, and Ostar emitters plus some look around pictures. The end picture shows the tail cap and included holster. For what its worth, the parts are found and the bodies are machined in the US with design and assembly in Japan.

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    those look great now where is the linky??

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