Noob Q: Serfas True 1500+ battery: replace cells?-
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    Noob Q: Serfas True 1500+ battery: replace cells?

    Longtime mtbr member here, wondering if anyone has replaced the cells inside this battery unit before, and if so, how much is involved?

    It has 4 little allen cap screws on each end cover, but haven't cracked it open yet for fear of damaging some fragile soldered connections, or whatever else might lurk beneath the casing.

    I'm happy and familiar with this model light, so hope to be able to invest under $60 or so to bump the run times back up.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I would say it's not big deal to replace cells in this pack since it has screws to open it up. Shurely I don't know how the internals looks like. So opening and taking pictures would be beneficial to further advices.

    Replacing cells should cost you up to $30, depends on your skills and where on the globe you live. And BTW, you can end up with as high as 7000mAh pack.

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