• 11-22-2015
    New Cree XQ-E High Intensity
    I have been looking for a new 10mm led / optic solution. The search is nearly over.

    Cree XQ-E High Intensity

    Only one problem, I still can not even find a 10mm pcb for them anywhere much less one already mounted on a 10mm pcb.

    These are really small only 1.6mm x 1.6mm
    The cree XQ-E is better than an xp-e2 in every way. More lumens per watt. The cree product comparison tool on website shows the xq-e does quite well at 1A.

    Better still is the data sheet for optics. Ledil has 10mm round or 10mm square optics for the xq-e high intensity and it shows them at 11 degrees which is also better than an xp-e2.

    These are also inexpensive leds and come in a wide variety of tints and also in color. Another plus
  • 11-22-2015
    Maybe it's time to dust off my microlight design for another go.

    Beg Cutter's to get going on MCPCB's to suit!
  • 11-23-2015
    in looking at them, may get more throw, but 100 less lumens at 1A vs XP-G2 and just a little over half that of XP-L HI @1A. And vF of these is a fair bit higher. Of course your spot will be larger but by the time you put enough of these together to put out enough light (4-5 to get 1k lumens after losses), a single xp-l or xm-l2 with 21mm optic does the same thing with less power requirements.
  • 12-16-2015
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    Something like this
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  • 12-17-2015
    Osram Oslon SS 80 might be better
    The Osram Oslon SS 80 might be better, because of the viewing angle of only 80 - meaning tighter spot - smaller optics for better throw. These are 2 mm diameter and about 300 lumen at 1A.

    Just started building with one of those.

    Edit: Just checked the ledl homepage, the small optics are 11 degrees for the XQ-E and 16 degrees for the ssl 80 - so XQ-E might be even better. You even get small elliptical optics, I like these best for the bike!
  • 12-20-2015
    [QUOTE=WeLight;12369110]Something like this
    Attachment 1036113[/QUOTE

    Yes that is exactly it that PCB will fit the little 10mm carclo optics great. I just had a look at cutter website and see the xq-e high intensity is there but in red. Same thing in 3500-4500 k and I will be ordering. Guessing that is coming soon.
  • 12-20-2015
    yes I have some stock en route of the whites, hopefully before Xmas