My New Light Design - What do you think?-
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    My New Light Design - What do you think?

    I have come up with a new design for my helmet light and wanted to see what everyone thought. It is based on the Hammond enclosure and uses 2 XPE and 1 XPG leds. The XPEs will have the Carclo 10417 optics and the XPG will have the LXP-G-RS optic. I plan to design it as in the picture attached.

    Control will be with a Taskled BFlex and will be set on high to 1 amp and low to 0.5 amp.

    The two questions I have is what type of PCB is best to use with the XPG and the LXP-G-RS optic in terms of fitment and not having to modify it drastically?

    Also is it ok to mix the XPE and XPG when running them in series like this?

    I am hoping this design will give me some nice throw and an even beam without being excessively spotty.

    Thanks in advance for all your constructive criticism...
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    I like the look of it so far. Something about the square-circle-square pattern appeals to me. I'm not too sure it would be a good idea to mix XPEs and XPGs, just because they're rated differently (?) for amperage and voltage. But then again, I've never tried it.
    If you want, Lux-RC (user name: Quazzle) has some nice 10-20mm board and LED combos, with matching optics. I will probably use one or two for my next light.

    Oh, and got any more pictures/design drawings? I'd like to see what it looks like in the 3rd dimension.
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    Use the same pcb as optic size/shape. Makes spacing everything in the housing easier.
    Main issue is the optics are completely different heights. Won't matter much with the10417s. Glue them lightly to the pcb and the optics won't need the cover pressing them in place.
    Honestly you could just use two leds. One with the RS and the other with some sort of medium or diffuse for fill. Beam fill and throw should be nearly the same as three leds with two using 10417s.
    The 10417s often are used because some of us love micro builds. If your housing will handle the larger optics then use them since focus is so much better. Plus your efficiency will be higher with just two emitters.
    Fine to mix XPE and XPG together as long as they are in series.

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