I know its not a bike light and its not high tech.....but cpf is down and some of you might like torches too hehe.

I have been hanging about on candlepowerforum too much....my bike light obsession has spread to torches too lol.

I have a few led torches and a nice HID torch...so I decided I would go old skool and get an incandescant one.

it had to be a maglite...but they are a bit rubbish stock. So I thought I would get the bits to make a Mag85.

A Mag85 is a 3D Mag with a welch allyn 1185 bulb, ain this case a ceramic bipin bulb adapter, a metal reflector, 9 nima AA and and a 9AA to 3d holder

Its a good demonstration of the amount of IR incans output....it will make dark printed paper smoke when held in front of it hehe.

Its not as bright as my HID torch, but its still bright. Something like 1000 lumens out the front