• 02-22-2015
    Modifying a Yinding (or similar) to a comfortable headlamp
    Yinding seems to be a nearly perfect headlamp but the handling isn't very comfortable.

    At BG I found a wireless Dimmer, Gb sells it too iirc.

    The idea, building a battery pack with dimmer as driver:

    - 2 NCR1650B or whatever you like
    - 2S PCM
    - 1 stripped wireless LED Dimmer

    Neoprene, sewing machine and so on for working out a fine holster

    Receiver - Dimmer/Driver replacement


    The driver inside the YD should be disabled so you can enjoy the full potential of the dimmer.
  • 02-23-2015
    Still the box is a bit large - 10cm :( I like the idea going wireless even if you have to maintain another battery in the transmitter. OTOH I need about 20-30cm cable to make a propoer wired remote switch and maybe going this wireless way is not convenient for me. Thanks for the tip anyway.
  • 02-25-2015
    Nice as the wireless remote idea is, it's not that hard to improve a Yinding for headlamp use.

    I replaced the driver in my Yinding with a 10-step programmable driver from KD.
    I can now program 3 lower levels for running, and it's easy to reprogram on the fly.
    I also swapped the mount for one of Vancbiker's GoPro adpapters, and use a nice GoPro headband.

    I may use one as a shell and do see if I can get a decent driver and switch in there in a future build.
  • 03-01-2015

    Originally Posted by MK96 View Post
    Still the box is a bit large - 10cm :(

    The PCB is much shorter, somehow like a 18650, that's the trick.

    I was on the way to build something of my own, with that solution I mustn't waste my time. I only need a practicle idea for the transmitter on the bar.
    Batts are on the way, I hove they will arrive...
  • 03-02-2015
    Still quite big for me :( Share your thoughts when you finish the upgrade ;)