• 10-26-2018
    Modify Niterider Taillight?

    I'm wondering if I can modify my Niterider Universal Taillight. It says it's compatible with either 6 volt and 13.2 volt lighting systems. I'd like to connect it to my magicshine system, which is 7.4 volts.

    I am comfortable setting up the connections and I know Magicshine already has a compatible rear light. I'm just wondering if I can make use of this since it's currently sitting in a box collecting dust.


    Thank you!
  • 10-28-2018
    Don't know the internal circuitry of that taillight, but if it says it can work with 6 and 13.2 volt batteries then it almost certainly has circuitry that will tolerate any voltage within that range. Easiest thing to do is try it and see.

    Take care you don't get the polarity of the power plug backwards, as that could fry the light!
  • 11-01-2018
    Thank you. I was thinking along the same lines from what I read. I appreciate your thoughts!