Modding gw xs

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  • 02-06-2015
    Modding gw xs

    Im putting H6flex in gw body, offcourse it doesnt fit so i need to do something.
    Anybody know if I can weld the body or is it 7075? Propably not as you dont need so much strenght in this part.
  • 02-07-2015
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    I found it, its 6061 T6 according to this. Gloworm X2 LED Light System V2.0 product reviews : Real consumer reviews : :

    I have now made cylinder that Ill weld on GW housing.
    I would like to use somekind of epoxy to fill old drivers place and get more heatsink area.
    Can you recomend me some glue?
  • 02-07-2015
    Ah, I now understand what you meant by GW. I am a bit confused though, as you have the gear & skills to machine a housing, why not do the lot.

    In terms of sticking aluminium together, plenty of love for JB Weld. If you are looking for heat transfer though, even thermal glue's are not particularly effective
  • 02-07-2015
    Its becouse im lazy and I have this lamp with bad driver with working lenses.
    And I would like to have milling machine. Maybe if i want to get another light, but now I just want to have light, nothing fancy.

    I dont want to weld more material there as I would destroy surface where leds sit.
    So maybe if I bolt there some material, do you think its better heat transfer that way vs heat tranfer glue?

    Edit. I found this and maybe Ill try it.