Light production part two: Need more of your input.-
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    Light production part two: Need more of your input.

    I posted a thread a few months ago about ideas and specs on lights. I have a cnc and I was hoping to start producing something that can help you guys out. Here is the original thread:

    So what I gathered there is:

    1. Waterproof is a necessity. This should not be a problem.
    2. Light weight.
    3. There was a lot of talk about reflectors.

    I'd like to add some additional questions.

    4. Run time requirements? How bright do you need and how long does it need to run?

    I know that most setups have the battery in a separate location. I always put mine in my water pack harness. I don't think anybody would be into an all inclusive setup where the battery was housed with the light, except from maybe something like a light for the bars. I have never run a bar light so I don't know how those are commonly set up. What is the most popular way of carrying a battery in both applications, helmet, and bar mounted lights?

    5. Battery types: There was mention there of a single 18650 and also some mention of regular batteries that are not rechargeable. I guess it would be possible to make a light setup that could run both, it would just depend on how it was setup. Which would be more popular to the end user?

    Materials: I can make these things out of anything. I was thinking Titanium, but it will be expensive.

    6. Price: One major concern is price. What are people really willing to pay? I know that night riders are a smaller group of folks than the whole bicycle riding scene (specifically MTBrs). I want to make something that is affordable.

    That brings me to the next point. I will be limited as far as price on some things, such as the LED head and driver. I'm not sure how to make my own drivers yet so that will be a cost, as well as the LED head which usually has a pretty fixed price.

    I can do some exotic metals like Titanium, but it will drive the price up. I was wondering if the weight difference in something like titanium vs aluminum is really worth the price increase to you all.

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    Only one im going to answer on because all the other answers to your questions are in the lights and night riding sub, is the material.

    Aluminum is used for several reasons. Titanium is one of the WORST metals you can chose for this application. Its thermal conductive and dissipative properties are horrible compared to aluminum. Light head designs arent just about producing a light source. Its about being able to deal with the heat generated by the driver and emitters.

    If you plan on trying to build lights to sell, you need to research and learn every aspect of dealing with emitters.

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