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    Light and Motion Solo Logic Replacement Battery?

    I need to replace the battery on my Light and Motion Solo Logic Light. The current one is not holding a charge very well. I know that I can buy an L&M replacement NiMH one for $50 and the 3 cell li-Ion version for $100. It is hard to make a comparison because they list the size of the battery by the number of cells.

    What other options should I look at? I would like to replace it with a smaller Li Ion battery if possible. I realize that I would have to replace the charger and the connections as well.

    I am also getting ready to start on my first basic DIY Dinotte light like the one that has been discussed here in depth. I am planning on using this battery for that project. Would this work for the Light and Motion battery replacement?

    How will the Dinotte DIY compare to the Light and Motion Solo Logic light in brightness?

    Sorry to be so wordy and thanks for the help.

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    Hey, check out the holders linked below. May be a good option for you considering the very low cost and high power of 18650 cells.

    I run a flame thrower and get several hours burn time outta a pretty darn small battery pack.

    Those Dinotte mini's don't have much power.

    Considering going bigger, as you will be pleasantly surprised by what the extra Lumens will do for you.


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    Hey Viva Borracho, Do you have the 6-cell NiMH battery? If so, you can convert it to a Li-Ion with a little bit of work and some soldering. The hardest part is opening the battery case housing without cracking it. I converted 2 of them last year for my lights and get over 3hrs runtime now. Let me know if you need some more details on where to buy the parts.

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