Light ideas - What is it that you, as a customer, want?-
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    Light ideas - What is it that you, as a customer, want?

    I will soon be taking delivery of my first cnc machine to put in my home shop, and I have many plans for things to make. One of the things I have made on and off over the years are lights for MTB night riding. I've done these on a manual mill though, and therefore there really wasn't any way to keep up with orders.

    I figured I would jump in here and ask, what it is exactly that you all, as riders, want in a light?

    Any specs? Any certain components,

    Any certain weights?

    Anything at all you can think of?

    I want to start ironing out some designs to make. I will have the capability to make them so I need some input.


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    Waterproof (ish), O-rings, anodized aluminum, current regulated, uses common cells ( rechargeable AA are nice cheap and plentiful), wide beam.

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    Here would be my dream light for MTB night riding:

    The lightest smallest you can do.
    Around a 26650 battery and a XML-L2 U2 emitter.
    Rain/mud proof.
    A "medium" beam, not to wide, not to narrow. No zoom.
    ON/OFF button.

    Some secondary wishes:
    full/medium/low/off option, no need for the pesky strobe and SOS
    Some holes, or a design to easily and firmly attach it on the bar(or stem) with some, easy to find, straps or holder.

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    RE: Light ideas - What is it that you, as a customer, want?

    I want parts to assemble BIG headlights for my bicycles somethings like 65mm-75mm reflector diameter.

    Me and the family don't need the highest number of lumens, we need more useful light I.E. good throw and decent spill. Decent big reflectors and good lenses do that.

    Think of a shoebox full of Magicshine bodies but with turbo heads.

    Now think two on each bicycle, one with a difuser for flood/sides/near and one without for spot and distance . That's how we run our MJ-808's, best of both worlds.

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    I race 24h solo and would really like a super lightweight helmet light. Wearing the light from 7pm till 6am, my helmet always feels heavier and heavier. My wish list:
    - Single LED with 2S2P driver circuitry (always stays in regulation)
    - Lighthead Weight ~50g
    - Waterproof with o-rings etc.
    - More than 2 modes. No SOS/Flash modes.
    - Button sized and placed such that it can easily be switched off without burning one's fingers (while riding/dismounting the bike when arriving at the transition area).
    - Beampattern similar to Magicshine 808E (Faceted/OrangePeel reflector with nice soft transitions).
    - Possibly based on P60 reflector/drivers but with pemanently integrated pill for efficient heattransfer (would give lots of customization options).

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    Something that looks like the light on the right.

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