Light choice for 24hr race in October-
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    Light choice for 24hr race in October


    I am from Australia and entering a 24hr race in about 12 weeks in a team of 3. I Currently have a Marwi Nightpro Pro Elite with 15watt and 20watt halogen flood bulbs. I find the light goes yellow and dimmer when I use both bulbs so I only use the 15watt one. It has done that since new so I don't think it is just my battery getting old but more like it was not big enough to start off with - I think I possibly got the wrong battery in the box as
    the batteries all look the same with no numbers on them to distinguish the models.

    Apart from this race I ride to work and back most days of the year commuting on 23km or bike track and fire trail and find the Marwis just no where near bright enough so would like something better just for commuting anyway.

    Option 1. Buy a 30watt HID light with two 13.2V 77Ah batteries plus buy 2 12V 15watt Halogen spot lights from batteryspace. The 30watt HID with one battery is $309US and the extra battery $115US (or $126 with charger) but the Halogen bulbs are only $2.99 each. That way I can run the 30watt HID on the handlebars as it is a bit big for the helmet and the Nightpro on my helmet with the two 15watt Halogen spot lights. As the 30watt HID is supposed to be equivalent to 100watts of Halogen I should see a lot of the track with it and the halogens on my head should be ok for corners etc. (Stromlo is full of switch backs so tight I currently can not ride around the at day time). Afterwards it means I have a spare battery for the HID and even if I never use the Halogen lights again I have only wasted about $6.00.

    Option 2. Buy Light and Motion Arc Lion Ultra for $549US from somewhere like Webmountainbike (plus postage). It is a 10watt HID that is very small and has lots of great reviews and comes with both helmet and handlebar mounts.

    Option 3. Buy Hidtechnologies 10Watt HID light for $440 Australian. Looks ok in the review I read, review said works well but looks very home made.

    Option 4. Buy Ayups. I have seen someone with just the two on the handlebars on a road bike in Canberra about 3 months ago but unfortunately we were both riding in a reasonably well lit area so it was hard to tell but I think both my 15watt Halogen and his 6 watts worth of led was pretty close in brightness. I saw a picture of one on the internet that had
    riden off the cliff. The helmet was smashed and the rider seriously injured but the lights still worked, while that might be a good add for the strength of the lights I was wondering if the rider had a brighter light like HID would he have not riden off the cliff in the first place.

    Option 5. Buy the Dinote 500L light out that is supposed to be available in Australia start of October. Seems like a good light but no idea of price and if it is delayed it might nt be available until after the race.

    I expect the Ayups are going to be upgraded soon (probably about the same time the Donitte 500L is available) but the question is whether it is before the race or not.


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    Why not buy the 500L direct from Dinotte? You can get it now and I will be surprised if it is not cheaper than any price an Australian bike shop will offer. I have had good service from Dinotte, and this included fixing an order mistake on their part (I'm also in Australia). Their price includes shipping, and with the A$ this works out be around $570.

    Geoman (who posts here) sells some of the Dinottes and might also be selling these lights:

    The Ayups are interesting, but I couldn't bring myself to buy an Australian light that calls its batteries Lubra lips. I would also be interested to see how bright the Ayups are 3/4 of the way through their battery life.

    Also take a look at Nightlightning: They have a 720 lumen LED that looks pretty good, and if you really want to burn money, buy the new 800 lumen Lupine LED. They look great, are as bright as their HID and should be upgradeable as technology improves.

    Good luck.


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    I have a pair of the Ay-Ups 1 pair on the bars and the other on the helmet. I find them OK for the 'Dirt Crit' racing I do but thats on a relatively short course of 3.5 Kms which I have probably done 100 laps both at night and in daylight (in daylight summer time) so I know the course fairly well. The batteries are tiny and last for over 3 hours!!

    I too am thinking about doing some 12 & 24 hr events this year but would probably want something more than the Ay-Ups although I do intend to get them upgraded when that is available.

    From the reviews, both here & elsewhere I would go for the HID Technologies or the Nightlightning on the helmet. I'm leaning towards the Nightlightning as I'm very impressed with the possible battery life that you get with the LED's

    Although only the top LED's (Dinnotte 500, Lupine Wilma & Nightlightning) can compete with HID for light output at the moment, I think with the battery life and apparent 'robustness' of the LED's they are the lights for the future
    Just Ride !

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