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    Idea! LED RIM Lights for Surly Clownshoe...

    LED Fat bike rim

    For those of you who have taken to the FAT bike for Commuting as I have this may serve as a very useful idea.
    If you are at all familiar with the Surly Clownshoe then you know it is designed with 64 spoke holes instead of the standard 32 WHY? So the wheel can be built in an OFFSET configuration, on older bikes like the pugsly, moonlander and such from Surly the rear wheel was OFFSET 17mm to the NON-Drive side thus allowing for the chain line to NOT come into contact with the 3.8 tires...this was the beginning of FAT...But like America has shown we have to be really FAT so we in the bike biz went as fat as we could get 4.8 with Symmetrical wheel builds 170mm-190-197mm rear ends on bikes....why do I tell you all this??

    Even though we went ALL IN FAT we still only Use 32 holes in the Clownshoe style rim...now there are hubs you can by to use ALL 64 but WHY I ask?

    So with the use of only 32 that leaves 32 verly lonely spoke holes with nothing to do...UNTIL NOW

    I decided that since December is a time of shimmering lights, festivities, Ventana El Gordo Fat bikes with Rohloff XL Hubs from Cycle Monkey and cold dark night rides home from work on said bike..I thought it might be a good idea to combine the shimmering lights into my fat bike rim....thus being festive and safe on the cold dark

    Here is what I used 64 LED for 9-20v
    5 colors red, blue, green, yellow, white.
    2x 9v leads
    Surly Clownshoe rim
    Soldering Iron, Solder
    Electrical Tape
    Gorilla tape
    2x 9v Rechargeable Batteries (run time is about 2hour per each charge)
    4 hours to build per wheel.....

    check out the video

    hours per wheel.....

    check out the video
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    also see my Fat dual rim invention




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    Cool. Very nice job If you mount the battery to the center of the wheel you will feel it less. Know anybody with a 3D printer? That would be cool to make a battery holder that clamped to the hub shell.

    Have you seen the 12V flexible high output LED tape? You could install it to the outside of the rim. These would require using Li-Poly packs probably.


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    Very cool

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    Makes me want a fat bike... all one color... Tron bike style. Nicely done.
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