Initial settings for a 7-up XM-L??-
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    New question here. Initial settings for a 7-up XM-L??

    Hi gang
    I've finished building and assembling the new 7-up and was just wondering what people would recommend for my initial settings for the HBFlex.
    I'm going to be running a 15v 5.2aH battery. Have a STAT led wired in too so can use that as a warning LED.
    Not sure as to what amps I'll be running as I need to see how the housing handles the heat but would like to think I can get it running at around 2-2500mA.
    Also, what sort of temperature cut-out would be advisable?


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    You...sorry I meant we only want to see one mode.....

    Fire starter full wack mode

    I always set my lights up with trimode, but it really is down to personal preference I think..
    As for temp cut of, I use 60 degrees..if the light trips in use then ill up it to 70..
    But so far my lights have been fine set at 60 degrees..

    Might just be a case of setting it up and tweeking the settings to suit...

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    Cheers GD. Full whack it is then

    I got it powered up but seem to have made a boo-boo with the LED's. I think I've got the centre wired wrong...
    The outer 2 pods work fine but nothing on the centre. I'll do a check tomorrow and re-wire then get it set up again.
    Really pleased with the staus LED on the switch tho as it lights up when power is connected. Very useful for seeing the switch in the dark.
    Decided not to get the housing anodised as I like the raw look and, when I change my frame, it should match nicely
    Will post some updates when it's working properly...

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    I'm just running mine at 1000. First click turns on 3, second 4, third all 7. It does run a bit warm, even at just 1A. Helluva lot of light.
    "It looks flexy"

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