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    I need some help with my old Nite Rider HID lights.

    I used to ride and night ride a TON between 1997 and 2006. I had a son and moved from NJ to AR in 2007 and as a result I took 8 years off from riding. Last year I started walking and eating better and lost about 90lbs. This year is going to be my year to get back into MTB. I need my lights.

    My other major hobby is model aviation, so I have batteries and chargers covered. I made myself some 11 cell NiMH batteries to power my Niterider Storm and Blowtorch heads.

    The dramatic turn is... One of my ballasts is dead. And I can't find one anywhere. Welch Allyn B10N003 would be super easy, I could drop it in and be riding tomorrow. Welch Allyn B10N001 would work well too, I could drop it in, and then power the light with a 3s Lipo which I have plenty of for flying airplanes.

    Barring that solution, I have these nifty looking housings, and nifty mounts and stuff. I would be pleased to convert these old HID lights into LED. 3s Lipo (12.6v max, 10v min) would be ideal for the LED conversion.

    I appreciate any thoughts. Budget is a concern for sure, but anything cheaper than new lights is a win.


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    DIY typically is not cheaper than just buying.

    I've never looked closely at the housing for the HID lights. Are they metal? If not, they won't work for a LED conversion as you need the heat sink capability of a metal housing.
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    I had not considered the heat sink. The housings for the HIDs are some sort of composite/high end plastic.

    I did find this on ebay: NiteRider HID Replacement Light Ballast Universal Dual Watt Type | eBay

    It looks about right, and from what I have found this company bought the HID business from WA 5 years ago. The voltage input range is really exciting, 9-16v is a FAR wider range than my original B10N003 which is 13-14v. And on top of that, it will drive the bulb at 14 watts instead of 10 watts.

    I guess I will give that a try.


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