How to Mod swap drivers in the Deal Extreme P7 bike light?-
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    New question here. How to Mod swap drivers in the Deal Extreme P7 bike light?

    Hi all,

    So I went ahead and bought the Deal Extreme bike light. I like the overall output, especially since I was originally using just 1 eagletac t10l. I have followed all posts regarding this light here on mtbr and on candlepower forums. I'm considering buying a driver to swap out of the DX light in case the existing driver dies. On another post, someone mentioned putting in a kaidomain driver, I believe this one:

    I have a few questions regarding this driver and use in the DX light

    1. Will this driver fit, is the diameter the right size to fit where the existing one is without modification?

    2. Some reviews on kaidomains website for this driver says it will kick down to a lower setting if it gets too hot. If this driver is in the DX light housing, factoring in a constant airflow over the light housing, will I need to worry about it kicking down to a lower setting while in motion?

    3. Will this driver work with the existing clicky switch in the DX light? Another review of this driver on kaidomain said a fast clicky switch is needed.

    4. Can I use the existing battery pack that came with the DX light with the driver without mods?

    To EL34: I looked at your website...all the info you put in there was great and gave me enough courage to take my light apart to add artic alumina and make sure there was no metallic shavings in there. Thanks for all the time you put into making that info. accessible to everyone! Regarding your mod. using 2 7135 drivers, I don't have enough know how to accomplish that, at least not yet. Hence, the kaidomain driver looks like an easier mod for me.

    Thanks to everyone for all the great info and reviews. Look forward to your help, especially if you have already done this particular mod!

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    Wouldn't worry about the driver dying, your better off on Direct drive which all the P7 single 18650 torches are as the driver uses power and reduces your run time.

    The limited output on a single 18650 torch is what the battery can output, so a driver would actually waste some of that and you'd get less output.

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