I have an old niterider minewt light with upgraded LED SSC P4. The PCB in the battery pack got wet at some point and died. I'm trying to rebuild the battery pack (the pack contains all the electronics) with new batteries and a new driver. I purchased two 18650 panasonic batteries, this charger protection board:

2 Packs 3A Li ion Lithium Battery 18650 Charger Batteries Protection Board 2S | eBay

and this driver board:

5 Models Dimmable LED Driver for CREE P4 Q3 Q5 3W High Power LED DC3 7V 700mA | eBay

I've got everything connected and working but the protection board gets very hot to the touch (can't really even touch it) when the light is on high.

Do I need a higher amperage protection board?

Thanks for any thoughts.