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    High power LED lights using 3 x Seoul Z-LED P4

    Having lived for a while now (quite happily) with some Cateye ABS20N's which I have overvolted to 7.2v (well worthwhile) I am fed up by being left in the dark by my mates with HID's (and off-road I can always use more light.) I would like to make use of the two decent 7.2v NiMh packs and charger etc. and thought I would put together a light using high power LED's. From what I can see the Seoul Semiconductor Z-LED P4 looks like the a really good bet for brightness and efficiency so that's the way I will be going.

    I plan to connect the battery packs in series (14.4v) and use a suitable driver (the TaskLED BFlex is currently looking favourite).

    I have been assessing the relative merits of the different designs people have shared in these forums and also considering another couple of my own.

    I was wondering if any had any experience of these lights from LED-Tech.de:

    Which can be found at:


    They are a little bit heavy (100 grams) but I was thinking I would drill a few holes in the heatsink to reduce weight/improve airflow/attach mounting bracket.

    I reckon they'd make an excellent basis for a light at a modest additional cost over the individual components. Different lenses are available (I think you can change each of the 3 beam patterns independently as well.)

    I wonder if anyone has tried these or has any thoughts?

    The other thing that I really want to get right is the switch. If I use the bFlex I need a (waterproof) momentary contact switch. I want to locate it underneath the handlebar between the hand grip and the brake lever (I keep my levers quite a long way inboard) so that I can operate it with my forefinger whilst clinging on for dear life! I wonder if anyone could direct me to a good, lightweight, small, waterproof switch that might fit the bill?



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    Hi, I think that the optics of the triple seoul aren't very good If you change the optic for the picture of below, the optic of the right, I think that will are very better

    Greetings - Saludos

    Warning!!! my english is very very bad, sorry.

    Easy DIY led light1
    Easy DIY led light2

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    That does make sense. I can see how that rippled effect would scatter the light very inefficiently.

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    Hi Nick
    I think you may blind yourself with the beam angle on that setup. 40deg
    You need alot smaller angle for making a usefull beam.
    For eg. you can get this
    and also the Cree LEDs mounted on a triple PCB
    It is 6deg -maybe a little tight if you need more flood.

    This may be even a better option - 15deg beam
    Look at the Laika triple lens

    I might get some of those myself.

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