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    help with driver

    I burned out the driver in my cheap 2 XML light. I have verified the LEDs are fine with a bench supply. I ordered a few of these drivers

    I can't find any documents on the site.

    I tried getting rid of the flashlight contact pad and wiring my battery (11v L-ion) connector to it, but I can't get it to work.

    How do I wire this thing up with a switch to get it to work? The switch i have is momentary, normally open.


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    I don't have experience with that particular driver, but most drivers of that style switch modes by interrupting power going to the driver board from the battery. So you would connect your switch between the battery and the driver board.

    Most flashlights have an on off latching switch and mode changes are done by pushing the button partway. I'm not sure your switch will work. You also need to make sure that whatever switch you use is rated for enough current.

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