Good source for Halogen bulbs-
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    Good source for Halogen bulbs

    Sorry if this is an old topic.....I have had a good Turbocat light setup for 17 years. Haven't used it in the last 9 years and as fate would have it, beginning in the new year I will be able (it seems) to night ride again. I know how to rebuild the batteries and such...but since Turbocat is no more, I am asking for help in sourcing good MR11 halogen bulbs with a glass cover (lens). If anyone has had to outsource such bulbs and has a link I would appreciate it. I have some bulbs but always having spares and a source is key. Batteries can be rebuilt, but like older brake systems, if you have no pads, you have no brakes. Bulbs the same.

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    Your best bet is to either retrofit an LED in their yourself, or get one of the MR11 LED drop ins (if you can make it fit). Halogens are a few generations old at this point, even a single XML in there will blow away the old light output.

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