finally pulling the trigger few questions-
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    finally pulling the trigger few questions

    after lurking for 3 or 4 monthes I am finally going to order the parts to build a light. I understand for the most part how stuff works and wiring I just have a few last questions.

    I have been riding with a 100 lumen light I want a bar mounted light that is 3-500 lumens with a high 4-600 and a low 2-300. I want to know if this can be accomplished with 2 emitters or should I opt for 3?

    also what type of driver should I use? to get a high low and off?

    by helping me decide which driver and emiters to use I will pull the trigger on purchasing it all. if you ahve a battery charger solution as well give me that too.

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    Which LED's are you designing around? There are a lot of possibilities. Some, are really easy and you can end up with close to 700 lumens.

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    The cheap-er and easy route would be two XR-E R2s in an Achesalot style case, a buckpuck driver, and a battery of ~9v or better. That gets you into the high 400s. The dimmable buckpucks can be controlled by a variable resistor (a.k.a. "pot") or a hi/lo/off (or hi/med/low) toggle switch.

    Or up it to 3 leds and a battery of 12v or more, and you've got 700+ lumens. usually has some good deals on NiMH water bottle batteries with smart chargers, including the cable and connectors.

    And a CatEye handlebar mount.


    There are many cooler and more state-of-the-art ways to do this of course, just depends on what your budget and priorities are
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    I have limited moderae technical skills and I was thinking 2 LED light would be best but if three isnt that much harder/power hungry i could do that too

    I was thinking of using aluminum piping as housing.

    I want easy of building/use

    I want the lumens stated and I want to go with a lithium battery pack/something small.

    burn time should be 2-4 hours depending on price

    i just got a job at the LBS so I can now Employee purchase lights which is going to mkae any light i build close to or more expensive but I would like to build it out of fun/enjoyment.

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    I went triple XPE because I liked the small size. 750mA Buckpuck and 14.8 Li-ion battery pack. It works great and is very bright. I haven't measured output directly, but the CREE calculator puts it at around 530lm.

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