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    Edge for navigation?

    I've been considering getting an Edge computer and briefly looked at motion-based.com. It seemed on that site like you could search for any trail under the sun and get hundreds of results for each trail. It's my understanding that you can download these rides and put them into your Edge and then it will navigate you along the way. Is my understanding correct? I hope so because this would be awesome for me since I do most of my riding alone and always find myself exploring to find new trails. It would be nice to be guided to the trails instead of following my nose. Thanks!

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    Any navigation that the Edge provides is pretty rudimentary. You'd get better navigation out of a mapping gps like one of the nicer etrex models or one of the 60/76 series. You can download from motionbased into one of these, as well.

    The advantage of the Edge is that it's a training computer enabled with gps technology, so it helps you to keep track of, and with some software help, analyze your workouts, especially if you get the HRM.

    Depends on what you're interested in, but for me, the Edge does not fit my wants.

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    Nate is correct, it's a better training tool than nav tool. Last year I rode the Colorado Trail using an Edge for navigation. By Navigation, it was more like "joining the dots". You can load courses that others have ridden and follow those, or waypoints and follow them, but you don't get any mapping features at all. Just a series of lines for a course, or dots for waypoints. The other problem is that it only holds 100 waypoints, so on the CT where we had 440 miles or so, I had to replace the waypoints we used every two days, since each day's ride averaged about 40 waypoints.

    But I do love the edge, and find it extremely useful. There are sites other than motionbased that provide downloadable course tracks that you can follow (Geoladders being the most used, but primarily west coast based).
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