So I have an Edge 305 and have been using it on every ride since Christmas. I love this thing, and have never had an issue with it until now. The other night I completed a ride and transfered my data - no problems. I then was using it around my street and decided to delete all of the history. I've done it before with no issues.
I then went for a great ride today and could tell that it was working normally and tracking all of the data with no problems. When I got home, I transfered data to Training Center and it wouldn't display the graph. It says it transfered the data, but there is no elevation elements and I can't get it to show the graph. I then tried to use Sport Tracks (I love it also), and it wouldn't even recognize the activity from today. Same thing with Motion Based. Nothing will see the history even though I can see history data in the GPS itself, when I go to the history menu. I've also tried to export it as a history file and import into Sport Tracks and it still didn't contain anything.
I'm using the latest updates and I've tried to reset the device (mode/lap together), and then upload again. Didn't work. Can anyone help? This was a good ride and I don't want to lose the history if possible.