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    dual handle bar lights

    NiteRider Classic Plus or JET Lites Starfire I Dual Beam? ( i noticed that the jet's rated much higher)

    i already have a niterider 6v 10watt helmet light ('ll be upgrading to 15 watt bulb)

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    Are you sure you need a dual beam? I rode for 3 years with just a single 20W Jet Phantom helmet light, only using a low power handlebar light for back up in races. I highly recommend the Jet brand though. Great features at great prices. You can get the smart switch with 3 light levels for not much more.

    BTW, you would probably get more response in the General forum.
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    Really depends on your needs and budget.

    I like the redundancy of a dual beam setup, which I solely relied on for years. More recently, I added a 10w helmet mount, and the combination of bar + helmet is unbeatable in my mind (even though I'm still in the low wattage, non-HID dark ages).

    But even with a total of 30 or so watts available between the three lamps I currently ride with, in the name of battery conservation I still primarily climb with my dim 8w low beam, and usually leave the helmet light off until I get some momentum.

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    Nite Rider

    I used to do a lot of night riding and was using a older Nite Rider single helmet light and a second Nite Rider on the handlebars. I think having a helmet light and a bar light is the best setup. I liked both lights to be about equal 10-15 watts. My experience with Nite Rider is excellent - they are well built and last forever. The 04 HID lights have been on sale recently and can be purchased under $300 each.
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