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    Down low glow?

    Does anything like this exist on the market?

    The Down Low Glow | Rock The Bike

    I had a set that died, and really like the concept (especially in seattle in the winter where commuting = no light).

    I have some $$ and time in the next year and might consider making my own version, potentially even for production but would just as soon buy a good, waterproof version online

    Thank you

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    Wondering same thing. I bet if I had any friends in the engineering world they could make u a converter and battery pack to run a 5050 SMD light strip with sticky backing you could put on your bike. Would sick getting residue off if u had 2 remove the lights.

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    Don't need an engineer, just a small 12v utility battery and charger. If you don't want glue residue, stick the strips in the silicone covers they make for them and strap to the bike however you wish. Or get the waterproof rated strips and forget about the covers.

    They come in 300 and 600 LED versions. Get a 15m strip, it will have wire leads at both ends installed. Cut to length every third LED. Watch for the strips that are priced about $10, they are the same as the ones priced about $20.
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