DIY lights for dummies-
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    DIY lights for dummies

    There are so many threads here its hard to weed through everything without any background knowledge. The extent of my light building experience only stems from my 6th grade science project to build a parallel circuit.

    I'm sure there are many out there already, but can someone post a link or explain terms and functions of all the components of the average DIY light build. I would like to take a crack at my own build, but it is hard to know where to start without knowing what everything is that people are putting into their lights. most of this entire forum might as well be written in Chinese.



    Hopefully this will also help out others who have been lurking on these forums w/o an idea where to start.
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    Bike Led I started on the site when Achesalot was busy building most of his lights. The work that he put into his website is awesome! Read through everything that he has there and you will have a good starting point. The 3 Cree LED that is on his sight is still a good light and is easy to build. I still have 4 of them kicking around. When I try something new, the 3x Cree is the stick that I use to measure the next new light with.

    Good luck

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    See here too. Some of the leds are out of date but the theory still applies.

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    EASY DIY by Citizen Kane is deadset easy build.

    it uses a hammond box,2 Ledil square optic, but can use round ones, 2x cree XRE leds and a driver of any choice [mine is the KENNAN from kaidomain, do a search on this forum] and my battery is a 9.6v but this setup would run from a 7.2v battery.

    i just finished my helmet light and it came up really well. the assembly requires basic handyman skills.

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