DIY hack advise for using 7v heated clothing batteries with lights-
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    DIY hack advise for using 7v heated clothing batteries with lights

    I have a bunch of Gerbing 7v heated gear for the winter and a nearly unlimited supply of 7.2 volt, 3000 & 5600 mAh batteries, However, I've tried using them with my lights and for the most part, I've been unable to get them to work with my lights, with the exception of these batteries, which don't have a microprocessor embedded in the package and only delivers 1900 mAh, and this battery, which uses a dual-mode processor and can be made to work with my lights via a bluetooth controller and my smart phone. In a perfect world, I'd use the dual mode battery, but I've only got one and it's only rated at 2600 mAh, so, I'd like to figure out a hack for the first two packs...

    My uneducated guess is that the circuit boards managing the power control on the batteries rely on reading resistance from the heat coils in the garments to deliver their power- therefore low or zero resistance and the batteries won't deliver power. Does this seem plausible? if so, is there a way to put in a resistor between the battery and the light that would allow the battery to deliver power, without generating unnecessary heat or draining excess power? I'd prefer not to open up the battery cases and would rather have an in-line solution if it's at all possible. Any thoughts?

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    Actually those batteries may not be able to handle the current draw of lights. It's likely they have a very tight tolerance for how much current is drawn, any attempt to pull anything more an the protection engages. Reason is due to safety. Limit how much power the batteries will supply so the heating system can't overheat and cause injury.

    Lights will have some resistance, but as you said, it is possible that the controller is monitoring resistance based on the voltage sag being created. Which means there would be an "operating range" that the battery would supply power, outside of that it shuts off.

    Wish I could be more help there but everything I'm reading shows that at most the heating system draws less than 1A. And any decent bike light even on low mode will spike above that on power up. This could be the issue as well. Without tearing into a pack or running tests on both pack and heating units, there is just no way of knowing what's going on.

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