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  • 12-26-2017
    Does anyone have a source for weathertight DC5521 connector cables? I'm specifically looking for a 2 male to 1 female splitter cable. I could also use the male and female cables to make my own splitter. I've found the 2 female to male for using 2 lights with 1 battery but I'm looking to do 2 batteries with 1 light.

    I have a source of some top notch 18650 2 cell packs that work great. I'd like to get a little more capacity so I'm going to pair some together. I'd hard wire them but I have a charger made specifically for the individual packs so I'd like to be able to charge them separate and then connect them at time of use.
  • 12-27-2017
    Hard to find weathertight one, but otherwise search on ebay for "2.1x5.5mm DC Power Split Y-cable 1 Female to 2 Male"

    Or if you want make it on your own take two extension cables like this: http://www.kaidomain.com/p/S024776.5...e-100cm-Length

    Be aware that additional connector would add to overall voltage drop from battery to the light.