i know this may be old new seeing as how i have had this light for a while but i just wanted to give everyone a heads up that u can get a REAL 240 lumen mini flash light with zoom and 3 modes for around 5$ or around 10$ with a nice handle bar mount...this lil bad boy will shock most people as to how much light it puts out for the price...it runs off 3x AAA batts but will use a 18650 batt also...im getting around 3 hours on high mode with name brand AAA batts,,,this would make a good back up/ casual light...but if u install 2 whoa! you will be shock at how much power u get for less then 20$ i know i was!

btw i dont sell these or anything just am a fan...if any one know of better options for say under or around 50$ let me know! with summer time coming ill be doing alot of nite riding...and if nothing else ill just buy a pair of 18650 batts to let the good times flow!

CREE Q5 240 lumen LED Cycling bike BICYCLE HEAD LIGHT With Mount | eBay

btw theres lots of places that sell it with or with out the mount... but mine is like the one above