Comparisons of Vista and Vista Cx's reception-
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    Comparisons of Vista and Vista Cx's reception

    I've been looking at websites on the Vista Cx recently, and I've read some forumers here saying that the Cx has far better reception than the original Vista. However there have been almost nothing about the Vista Cx's improved reception capabilities on any website except one which cryptically wrote "with improved sensitivity".

    I'm currently in a fix now. I want something which doesn't exist..something that looks like an Edge 305 (without antenna), mounts on the stem, has mapping capabilities and Sirfstar III (my rides are about 70% under dense tree cover). There have been rumours about upcoming launches of Sirfstar III extrexs and even an edge 405..but these have so far been nothing but rumours only. Till I see some solid evidence, I think the best choices I have now are: a Vista Cx, Edge 305, 60csX. All of these have some qualities which I hate..*sigh*. The closest one to my needs (mapping and no antenna) would be the Vista Cx. So my question is, how good is the reception ability of the Vista Cx under tree cover?

    Thanks for reading my rant.

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    since the inception of the WAAS system you shouldn't have any problems. WAAS is a land based transmitter that give gps much better reception

    I have the Garmin Legend. 4 or 5 years ago I mounted it to my bike and headed onto the trails. No reception what so ever. I was pissed. Now that they came out with WAAS, I can go into the woods with my gps in my pocket and still get reception!!

    The next gps I get is defenitly going to be the Vista Cx, and they do sell the handle bar mount

    here's what Garmin has to say about WAAS

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    Sirf-base accuracy is much better.

    A bit over a year ago I upgraded from an Etrex Vista to an Edge 305 and I have been very happy with the improved reception of the Edge. Without addressing your mapping requirements, here is a example of the improvements.

    The first two pictures show the results at a nearby park that I would consider very easy for a GPS (I go to many place much tougher). There open areas and tree covered areas and canyons, hillsides and flats.

    First, here are 6 rides based on the Edge are displayed in red. At this resolution it looks like a single ride but I can see the individual tracks if I zoom in a lot, showing that they are indeed different readings.

    In this picture, I have added 6 rides from the Etrex Vista in blue. The rides are a bit different, but you can easily see that the accuracy is nowhere near that of the Edge. None of these rides should have been in poor weather, so that should not have been a factor.

    Finally, here is a good comparison with a bit more detail on a different ride. On the right, the path is in the open on a descending hillside and you can see that both the Edge (red) and Vista (blue) are tracking pretty well. At the left turn, I start following a creek up through the center of a steep walled canyon. You can see that the Edge tracks pretty well from ride to ride while there is a lot of variation in the Vista results.

    I hope this helps you decide.
    Let the good times roll.

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    Erm, I forgot to tell you guys that I'm living in Singapore (no WAAS). I've probably have DPGS stations, but I'm unsure if I could utilize those.

    I did consider getting an Edge 305. The cyclocomp part of it really attracts me, but I also do some riding in neighbouring countries which I am totally unfamiliar. Is there anyway I could get the track files from my friend's 60csX and somehow plant it into an Edge 305?

    Also, on a side note, I've recently stumbled across the bushnell website which has a ONIX200CR which has some really interesting specs (colour satellite overlay, SIRFSTAR III) and an amazingly cheap price on ebay, but I've read a review on which gave it only 1 star. Has anybody used this gps for riding purposes? Any feedback?

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