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    Built Myself a 12v Floodlight for Parking Lot Use While Loading/Unloading

    So I decided to build a 12v floodlight powered with a cigarette lighter cord and a magnetic mount to stick on my vehicle to light up the parking lot when I’m loading/unloading my bike & gear and getting things setup for a night ride. I figured why not light up a good portion of the lot for others as well. So I started with one of these 6x XB-D ““18w Cree Off-Road Lights”:https://www.ebay.com/itm/151741916746?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPage.. . (link is external), a 12v cigarette lighter extension cord (link is external), and a 25lb pull magnet (link is external) (which Home Depot sells in the isle with nuts & bolts).

    In stock form this light floods an area 30ft x 30ft fairly brightly, so I’d guess around 1,000 lumens. Pulls about 0.95A in stock form. The current sense resistor (R4 in the pic below, an R150) can be changed to boost current, however SS210 is only rated to 1.5A (datasheet here (link is external)), no idea what the FET is rated for, and other components look weak as well, so I decided to play it safe and only boost to 1.5A draw.


    Opens up rather easy:

    “Polycarbonate” lens slides out:

    Solid aluminum behind the pcb, but little thermal compound:

    Driver circuit and emitters on same pcb:

    Closeup of components:

    Stock beam:

    Replaced R4 with an R100:

    Measured a consistent 1.56A now from a 12v power supply:

    “Potted” the components:

    Added the mount with magnet base:

    This pic is before mods and prior to better mounting bolts (you can see the stock bolt hitting the base of the lightbody):

    Sorry, no modded beamshots yet. Perhaps in the near future.

    Thanks to BLF users wight, Gearshredder, and others for the help in this thread concerning the driver circuit.

    "My Bike Lights" Thread on BLF teardowns, measurements, and beamshots. Moving my photos, PM or post up if you can't see them.

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    Probably work well for a car camping light too.
    GoPro adapters for bike lights http://www.pacifier.com/~kevinb/index.html

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