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Thread: BT40s for $46?

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    BT40s for $46?

    Just getting back into mountain biking after a very long hiatus, trying to get back into shape.

    Used to love to night right. Saw this and heard the BT40 was pretty good. What do you think?

    Nitefighter BT40S Cree XP - G2 1600lm LED Bike Light Mini Neutral White Mountain Bicycle Headlamp-45.97 and Free Shipping|

    ~18 years ago I was riding w/ a light on the bars and a light on the helmet. Anyone recommend a helmet light? Or should I get two of these?

    What adapter to use to mount on a helmet?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Wrong forum to ask this in, better asked in the actual lights and night riding forum. But FYI ya the light is good, if you can actually get one from gearbest. Last fall they basically started having serious issues with sending people their lights. Long list of excuses and problems.

    Any more we just try to recommend buying quality lights because if the one you get has a problem. Bt40s is only good for trails if used on the bars with a decent helmet light. Not a good stand alone light for trail use.

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    After reading that long forum showering love on the Nitefighers, I bought the other model (BT21 I think). Mine lasted less than 10 rides before the wire wiggled loose and would no longer work. Went back to the forums and saw complaints that build quality and customer service had both gone downhill.

    I would steer clear of the BTs and Gearbest.

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