Bike light for commuting etc. Please help-
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    Bike light for commuting etc. Please help

    Hello everyone. Its been a long time since I last posted here on MTBR. I am moving to Philly this month to start classes at Drexel. My brother (mechanical engineer) and I are trying to figure out a proper set-up for a commuting light, one that makes me VERY visible to everyone else while I ride in the dark in the city. I tried looking for some old threads on building such lights using banks of LEDs but found very few. Beams, spotlights etc aren't the real purpose, though a light that provides some projection would help, I am trying to build a light that displays my presence...

    Also, any ideas on an FAQ for the DIY / Light forums?

    Thanks a lot!
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    That is a generic side effect of any bright light. Most of the lights talked about here use simple optics that generate a conical beam. There are a few that project an oval shaped beam. As far as I know there are no complex optics discussed here that have a upper cutoff like a car low beam. Except for some of the lower powered designs, most of the lights here will shine more light into oncoming drivers than a car's low beams. Some of the brighter designs are stronger than a car high beam. To me that says that not bilinding car drivers is more of an issue than being seen.

    I suggest you spend some time reading. There are many good designs. There are even some good rear light threads too. I don't remember seeing much for side lighting. Maybe you can start a thread about it.

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    This one posted by Steve a while back could be a good starting point as it has some side lighting and if you extend the top front section it could help create a cutoff like a car low beam:

    Extended top section (early one from Scar)
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    I am looking into using some of this as a commuter option for a friend with a LED light box under the seat.

    Not sure if it will work, but figure it is a good option to try to get a very wide presence without creating to much of a rider hazard. Especially for a tail lamp

    Flexibility may make some interesting mounting options as well

    Will let you know how it goes

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