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    big stretch

    ive been thinking safey lately for our recreational riders on the road.

    here is my idea:
    -do you remember those spoke beads on kids bikes that moved along the spoke as the wheel turned and made a sound?
    -do you know those flashlights that you shake and it doesnt use batteries?

    well the point is to have a lighting system like a fiberoptic that attaches to a spoke, and have a small version of the flashlight charger that has a weight inside a tube thats ziptied to the spoke. that way the fiberoptic(or LED) lights up, and the wheel spins and it looks like a solid light. that way as the wheel turns this weight is next to the hub when the unit is in the 12oclock position, and the weight is at the bottom of the wheel when its at the 6 oclock position. THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD FLAW THIS WOULD BE CENTRIPETAL FORCE. i am not sure if this would work, or with a few mods could work.

    give me some input on this idea. the whole point is to not have to rely on batterys, or rely on something that works off of being rolled by the tire.

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    i think you hit it on the head with the centripetal force, i would expect it to stay pinned on the outer edge... even with some light return spring set up once you reach the point of over powering the spring you wont be able to rebound. im not entirely sure if it would be possible, but maybe you could wrap a few spoke with light copper wire and get some sort of magnet system on the forks you could in theory create a crude generator, in theory it would be possible but again im not sure if it would work.

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