best solution for night riding--here it is NVG-
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    best solution for night riding--here it is NVG

    i live in las vegas. it's freaking hot here. here is what i did. i bought a pair of ANVIS night vision goggles. they are awesome. who needs a 8 milllion watt led headlight. i ride in complete darkness but i see everything. plus lots of times, if i work all day, i can only right at night and a huge benefit is i have all the trails to myself! it does get lonely sometimes but you would not believe how many shooting stars you see with these night vision goggles even in a major city,,,and las vegas is BRIGHT. they do cost a bit up front but i happen to use mine for a couple other purposes and i actually just accidently discovered how good they are for mtn biking at night.

    i've had mine for a year now and use them a lot. i did months of research before i settled on the an-9 aka ANVIS-9. these are the goggles used by the pilots. there are some other types of goggles but they are all a lot heavier. i bought mine from isquarednightvision in idaho. small shop but the guy is a genius and custom makes each pair. if any one needs any advice before you buy, feel free to reach out to me or call isquared. they are great for home defense as well. plus lots of other things. the way i looked at it,, i wear a helmet anyway, so it was not a big deal.

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    cool! how is depth perception and peripheral?

    okay, so the last thread I read was about cable housing choices that was topped by going all-in with electric Di2.

    Now this thread about night riding with night vision goggles.

    I can’t wait to see how the next thread I read “goes to 11.”

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    the depth perception is pretty darn good, i initially tried what is known as a pvs-14, which is the workhorse night vision they give to grunts. it a monocular,,,which means it is only for one eye, i guess so you could see with it but still be able to shoot with the other eye or something. anyway, it sucked for my purposes but these ANVIS-9 are GOGGLES, so it was a huge jump forward. the peripheral seems good, i mean, they do have a field of vision so it is not like daytime with your eyes. but i have never even thought about peripheral so it must be ok, for me anyways

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    yeah right, lol

    1) can't ride shit with 'em if you ride anything remotely close to called 'mtb riding' beyond walking speed. and forget any sharp corners, switchbacks, or grunts

    2) 10 grand a pair ? yeah I'll get right on it

    3) ITAR restricted item ? now I get on 5 different government lists and ride way up in the threat and surveillance risk-factoring algorithms ? pass on that as well.

    4) field of view is frickin tiny. great from aircraft cockpit sure, sucks from a bike cockpit navigating trees. Field of View Degrees: 40

    unless I am tasked with real search and rescue, not made up internet stories...led lights are definitely the way to go. night vision is baller, but not in any way, shape, or form for mtb, imho

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    well,, i just got back from riding and as usual, they worked great. i've seen them go for as low as 4k on some forums but that is rare, i guess price is relative to everyone's own situation,, i think money is useless unless it is channeled into something you love doing,,, and they are as cool as ****! itar-no big deal, just don't take them out of the US. the FOV is fine on mine.

    hopefully anyone who is intrigued will do their own research and try it out and then make a decision, like i did.

    I like to keep my posts positive so i thought i would share a new idea that has worked out for me.


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    What a dumb idea...

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    10grand? Lol...that's a bike tour through Europe, and a couple of new bikes, hookers and blow.

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