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    Battery question?

    I made a 3 xp-g light about 3 years ago and really enjoyed the process. It has a b2flex driver and I used a LiPo 4s1p battery which I placed in an old Vista light frame bag. Currently, I have a couple of bikes that the the bag doesn't fit very well and unless I can find a better battery mount system, im wondering about using 2s2p magicshine type Li Io batteries. I'm not sure if they have enough power for this light. Back when I made the light, I had a cool power calculator off a website listed on this forum but that computer took a dump and all my notes are gone! Any sage advice?

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    Assuming the LEDs are a series configuration.....

    It really won't work. It will have much lower output, never be in current regulation, and will dim noticeably as the battery discharges. It may even turn off before the battery reaches minimum voltage. You need a 3S_P pack at a minimum and that will go out of regulation and get dimmer as the battery discharges. A 4S pack like your original is the best solution.
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    They are in series. That is what I thought or remembered from when I made the light. I'm not super crazy about water bottle batteries but I think that's where I will go with the LiPo battery. Thanks for the input!

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