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    Battery Question

    Has anyone taken the Garmin AA battery pack apart and replaced with new NIMH batteries?

    This 'battery pack' seems to just be two AA NIMH batteries taped together with a plastic center holder that also depresses the button inside the Oregon 600 to let the unit know it has the rechargeable battery pack in it. I have two of these and they're kind of old and I don't seem to get more than 5hrs out of the pack anymore. I was thinking about replacing just the batteries with 2800mah instead of the original 2000mah batteries for a little extra life.

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    go ahead and replace them, all that really matters is the voltage of each cell is ~1.2-1.5v and that the the chemistry is the same if you use the same charger
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    I haven't done this specific pack, but I have done it to bike lights. As long as the type/size/voltage match, it's easy. Most packs require soldering leads, which can be a bit intimidating the first time, but no big deal.

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