• 12-23-2015
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    Another parts check list, guidance please
    Right chaps, I think I've finalised the lights I want to build but just want to double check everything before I order
    I've got 2 new housings made and a couple of old ones I'm looking to use up.
    The 7-up might get a bit hot but I want to try it. Worst case I can get a 7-up XPL to replace the XPH if it doesn't work though I can drop the output if heat is an issue.
    So can you clever folk just give my shopping list the once over to confirm (or deny) that my parts are correct?
    My night rides are only about 2 hours due to time so run-times are not too important. There's a lot of climbing and short, fast downhills so most of the time the lights will be run on a low setting. High would only be used to the fun bits ;)

    7-up XPH35 - bars (flood)
    LED's: Cutter 7-up XPH35 - parallel wired
    Driver: TaskLED H6Flex @ 6.6a (if it will handle the heat)
    Optics: Khatod or Ledil 7-up (narrow and medium to try)
    Battery: 15v 5.2aH (2C draw)

    3-up XPL-Hi - helmet (throw)
    LED's: 3 x XPL-Hi wired in series (single 20mm boards)
    Driver: TaskLED HBFlex @ 3a
    Optics: Regina reflectors
    Battery: 7.5v2.6aH (2C draw)

    Old Altair triple reboot
    LED's: 3 x XPH35 in parallel (single 20mm boards)
    Driver: b3Flex @ 1a
    Optics: Regina reflectors
    Battery: 15v2.6aH (2C draw)

    Single XPH50 - helmet (long throw)
    LED: XPH50 - 6V (20mm board)
    Driver: TaskLED LFlex @ 3a
    Optic: Khatod PL1545UN or Ledil CN10861_IRIS
    Battery: 7.5v2.6aH

    Here's a couple of pics of the new housings:
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  • 12-23-2015
    I can tell you that your xp-l hi helmet set up will work poorly. Run time will be total crap. Your set up wont even run for an hour

    3s (12.6v) pack and bflex. Xp-l in series @ 3A