Amoeba tail light-
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    Amoeba tail light

    Some pics of a recent Amoeba tail light build -

    Housing is 2 1/8"L x 1 1/2"W x 3/4"T
    Weighs about 60 grams
    Runs off of a rechargeable 2 cell Li-Ion pack
    TaskLed LFlex driver
    Cree XP-E2 Red LED's
    Vancbiker GoPrp adapter

    Amoeba tail light-img_3303.jpg

    Amoeba tail light-img_3304.jpg

    Amoeba tail light-img_3305.jpg

    Amoeba tail light-img_3306.jpg

    Amoeba tail light-img_3307.jpg


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    That'll get some serious driver attention!

    I think you can program some interesting flash patterns with the Lflex.

    Does it generate enough heat that the finned GoPro mount helps?
    GoPro adapters for bike lights

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    nice! Good side visibility too. I programmed one of those cheap ATtiny13 drivers with a Dinotte-style on-and-double flash (on-flash-on-flash-on-on-on-on-on-flash-on-flash) a while back and it's very visible, even in bright Texan sunlight.

    With an external battery pack, scar's light should run for a long long time using an on-and-flashing pattern.

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    One more pic with seat rail mount

    Amoeba tail light-amoeba-rear-rail-mount.jpg


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    Interesting light!
    But kind ob huge for 400lm.

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    Whoa that is a nice looking light! What does the beam pattern look like? It's hard to tell from the video... I like the glass protruding front the front, should help side visibility. Does this work with the ubiquitous MS connector and battery packs? I'm looking to start commuting and would like a high- or helmet-mounted red light, but I'm afraid to ask what this costs...

    Also, I used to live in Lakewood right on GM, which looks like your backyard!

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