All tied up with new lights-
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    All tied up with new lights

    I tried out my new riding lights on a quick trip into town last night. The experience kinda bummed me out, got me wondering why I spent the $80 or so on these lights.

    These are the lights that I got:

    As you can see from the picture, the lights can be mounted on these 'extensions' under the handlebar or clipped onto the clamp that goes directly on the handlebar. I did the latter with the brighter 20W light and mounted the 10W light on my helmet.

    Right off the bat, the connections felt crap. I was on the road (read: smoooth!) and the connectors wouldn't stay plugged in so every so often the lights would go out altogether. The cable going to the light mounted on the handlebar we could fall out 'cause it's connected to the underside of the light (gravity working against me there). So I figure I probably need to use the extension piece, mount the light upside down and have the connecter plugged down to the light.

    As for the helmet light, how do you guys work the power cable? The battery was in the bottle cage on the downtube, so the cable going up to the helmet simply flopped along freely on the left of the bike going up to my helmet. Is there a cleaner way of routing this cable? I'm deathly afraid that with my pedaling motion, I'm going to crank one way and rip the whole cable off or worse, get all tied up and fall to my death.

    Could I trouble you guys for some advice on how to ride with lights, how to keep the connecters plugged in (I foresee a lot of 'use tape' advice), and how to best optimize this two-light setup for these rides?

    Many thanks!

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but ...

    ... an $80 set of lights, including two bar lights and a helmet light, is not going to get you a very solid set of lights. Not trying to be product elitist, and no disrespect intended, but there's a reason a lot of us are spending $400 on ONE light, let alone three. If the connections don't work, then take it back. There's no reason you should have to put up with that - that's a product defect. But as for reliability and build quality, IMO you'd be better off with one good solid light than that setup. I don't even know if there's a good light you can get new for $80. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when it comes to off road lighting, you gotta spend some to get in the game.

    You might look at the Niterider Headtrip (JensonUSA has 'em for $110). That's a pretty good light for close to what you spent, and Niterider stuff is pretty bulletproof IMO. If you want to spend a bit more, the Jets are hard to beat, but you're into double the cost of the Niterider. I'm riding with a $400 Light & Motion HID on the bars and a $120 Niterider Headtrip on my helmet, and it's awesome. I'd love to have a HID for my helmet, but I can't afford another $400 light.

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