Hi Guys,

Time for a different sort of thread on the DIY boards.

I finally got to use my duster under race conditions over the weekend. It was a 12 hour enduro starting in Port Macquarie which started at midnight and ran until midday. For those that are unfamiliar with sunrise times at this end of the earth, that meant the first 6.5 hours or so were in pitch black darkness.

The weekend before the race, my "miners lamp" bit the dust. The telltale yellow/brown change to the fluid around the dies signaled I had cooked it. The light output had dropped to the equivalent of the light bulb in my microwave aswell.

So the night before the race I recieved all the parts to build my own troutlight but there was no way I was going to get enough time to build the light and pack all My gear, so instead I modified my first ever light build... aka "the fugly". It was much lighter than my other DIY lights so was the most obvious solution. The only problem was that it wasn't sealed. I seriously thought about breaking out the sealant but was too tired after work to be bothered the night before the race.

Upon getting to the race, I discovered it was raining. I broke out the duct tape and bandaged as many holes as possible in the hope it would survive the race.

I ran the duster on low all night (that was all I needed at my snails pace) and managed to get about 5.5 hours out of it on a 14.8v 4800mah pack. Thankfully I had a feeling that it was about to cut out at the transition and had stuck Turbo Ferrets 18650 holder in my jersey so could swap them out trail side.

Even with the light on low, it was getting oohs and aaahs from the gallery in the timing chute. I could hear quite a few people commenting "f*#k that is bright".

The helmet light turned out to be fantastic. The beam pattern from the square optics in spot and medium complemented the duster perfectly. The Achesalot inspired housing was really light weight, I am guessing approx 120 grams. There was no way my neck could have coped with any more log drops if my helmet light was any heavier.

While riding at night was fun, I have never been so glad to see the sunrise. I flamed out around 10 am so didn't quite make the finish. Happy with the lights though